Diet and Nutrition

Weight loss and Nutritional Education (Weight loss promotion and education) (Promoting healthy eating and physical activity for children and their families) (NHS Website supporting affordable nutrition for all, helpful information, recipes, tools, tips, and games for the kids.) ( Temple Street Hospital Child and Adolescent Obesity Service – Website contains great educational tools and information)

Feeding Babies and Toddlers (Breastfeeding support) (Breastfeeding support) (Canadian site -Very useful videos for breastfeeding techniques) (Commercial website – Weaning and Feeding toddlers, Recipes..)

101 Healthy Inexpensive Recipes (Publication by MABs; Healthy recipes on a budget)

Healthy Eating Tips Fact Sheet (Condition specific advice for improving weight, diabetes, cholesterol e.t.c.)

Ten Top Tips for Weight loss ( Useful booklet – Weight loss demonstrated by following this handout in scientific trial (Int J Obesity 2008; 32:700)) (Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute)