phone: 046 9052109

Book an Appointment?

We ask that you contact us by phone to book an appointment with the doctor or nurse.

We operate 15 minute appointment slots for each patient who wishes to be seen. Please indicate if more than one patient needs to be seen.

Please give some indication, if possible, as to which type of service you require. Some services may require both the doctor and nurse to be available or the booking of a longer appointment slot. This will allow our administrative staff to tailor your appointment to your needs.


Please note that due to an increased volume of demand on our services following the introduction of free care to under 6’s and over 70’s we have had to introduce a new system for booking appointments. Certain appointments can be prebooked however all other appointments have to be booked on the day. We apologise for any inconvenience caused in this matter. All urgent appointments will be accommodated on the day with whichever doctor has free appointment slots.