Registration for those aged 65 to 69 to receive their covid vaccine is now open. The link to the website where you can register is here


The HSE have requested that those age 69 register tomorrow, those age 68 on Friday and so on.
We strongly encourage all patients in this age group to register or if you have a relative in this age group who may need assistance, that you might help them.
It is highly unlikely that our practice will receive vaccines to vaccinate this age group and they will most likely be done in vaccination centres such as Simonstown football club. If this changes we will be the first to let you know 
Please don’t pass up the opportunity to get one of these vaccines ‘just in case’ your GP will have a different one to offer you as unfortunately this will not be the case.
The photo below demonstrates how safe the Astra zeneca vaccine is in this age group and how the risk of becoming very unwell and requiring an admission to intensive care with covid dramatically outweighs any risk from the vaccine

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