It is true to say we find ourselves in the midst of the most challenging times…however for many the winter months can be dark and trying time every year.

One in four of us will suffer from difficulties with mental health at some stage in our life. This can come out of the blue, be triggered by a major life event or have been part of our fabric for many years. Thankfully public awareness and a willingness to more openly discuss mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can ease the path to recovery. The most important thing to know is that there is always help available. It is good to talk.

We invite anyone experiencing difficulties to contact our medical staff as a first port of call. You will find a great deal of information, for all ages in our Health Information section 

For a short introduction to depression, accessible to all, please view this animated link:  Black Dog
For those who are struggling with circumstances surrounding the current pandemic specific information on caring for your mental health can be found here