Lifestyle Clinic

The aim of this clinic is to help to our patients who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle but are unsure where to start. It is widely known that health problems such as diabetes, obesity and lung disease are on the increase. Busy and stressful lifestyles can lead to us neglecting exercise and healthy eating.

The clinic is open to all patients who feel they wish to make a lifestyle change but need some support to do so.

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Men’s Health Clinic (Wellman)

The aim of the clinic is to provide a health promotion and screening opportunity for our male patients. It is widely known that men’s life expectancy remains lower than their female counterparts. Men are slower to attend for routine check-ups or to seek help when they are concerned about a new symptom.

We are providing this service for all male patients attending the practice. However we particularly encourage those between the ages of 40-70 as they may benefit most from a health check.

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Women’s Health (Wellwoman) Clinic

Women’s Health Clinic (Well woman) The aim of this clinic is to provide a health screening and promotion opportunity for our female patients. While women tend to be more proactive than their male counterparts regarding their health there are several female specific health issues that need greater attention as we age. Women may require a…

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Chronic Care Programmes

General Practice plays a key role in the management of Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, Heart and Lung disease. These clinics provide individualised patient education, medication management and preventative care for those living with chronic disease in the community by the team that knows the patient.

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Sexual Health Screening Clinic

Sexual Health Screening Clinic Our Sexual Health Screening clinic is an appointment only service delivered by our doctors. The aim of this service is to provide screening against common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to which patients may have been inadvertently exposed. Some infections, particularly chlamydia may be asymptomatic and hence you may be unaware that…

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Warfarin Clinic

Warfarin Clinic Our Warfarin Clinic is provided for patient’s who are prescribed long term warfarin therapy as an alternative to attendance at hospital based clinics. Patients taking warfarin require regular blood tests in order to manage their medication dose. This service provides appointment based, on-the-spot warfarin (INR) blood testing allowing immediate titration of medication at…

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