Lifestyle Clinic

The aim of this clinic is to help to our patients who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle but are unsure where to start. It is widely known that health problems such as diabetes, obesity and lung disease are on the increase. Busy and stressful lifestyles can lead to us neglecting exercise and healthy eating.

The clinic is open to all patients who feel they wish to make a lifestyle change but need some support to do so.

You may benefit if …

  • You are concerned about your diet, exercise or alcohol intake.
  • You are under pressure or stress in your work or home life or are feeling fatigued.
  • You are a smoker who would like to quit.

If you have concerns regarding a specific, acute, symptom it may be more relevant to arrange a consultation with the doctor first.

The lifestyle clinic is a nurse led, appointment only service.

You may self-refer or be advised to attend following consultation with the doctor.

In advance we ask that a Lifestyle Clinic Questionaire be completed.
This is available for download here  from our website or from the office.

At your initial assessment, measurements such as weight, height or blood pressure may be taken. Basic fasting blood tests may also be undertaken.

The nurse will review your questionnaire allowing you to identify, together, your particular lifestyle issues. The nurse will help you to set a goal and plan towards achieving this.

Motivational and education materials will be provided where helpful.

Should you have any further questions or you feel that you, or a loved one would benefit from our clinic, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please see our Useful links section for further information you may find helpful or download the following forms here:

Lifestyle Clinic leaflet

Lifestyle Clinic Questionnaire