Sexual Health Screening Clinic

Our Sexual Health Screening clinic is an appointment only service delivered by our doctors.

The aim of this service is to provide screening against common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to which patients may have been inadvertently exposed. Some infections, particularly chlamydia may be asymptomatic and hence you may be unaware that you have been infected.

A typical visit will involve history taking, and an examination where appropriate followed by taking of screening tests. This may include a urine test, swab or blood test (if Hepatitis or HIV testing is required).

A follow up visit with the doctor will then be arranged for review of these results.
We aim to ally fears, provide reassurance and give an oppurtunity for education regarding the maintenance of good sexual health and safe sex practices.

We wish to emphasise that, as with any consultation, all information provided in complete confidentiality.

Please note this is a screening service for asymptomatic patients. If you have concerns regarding a specific, acute, symptom it is important to arrange a  consultation directly with the doctor in the usual manner.

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