Men’s Health Clinic

The aim of the clinic is to provide a health promotion and screening opportunity for our male patients. It is widely known that men’s life expectancy remains lower than their female counterparts. Men are slower to attend for routine check-ups or to seek help when they are concerned about a new symptom.

We are providing this service for all male patients attending the practice. However we particularly encourage those between the ages of 40-70 as they may benefit most from a health check.

You may also benefit if you feel a busy or stressful lifestyle has led to you neglecting exercise and healthy eating. If you feel you are smoking or using alcohol to excess or you have a family history of any significant medical conditions.

If you have concerns regarding a specific, acute, symptom it may be more relevant to arrange a consultation with the doctor first.

What to expect…

Your Men’s Health Assessment will take place over two planned appointments.

In advance we will ask that a Men’s Health Questionnaire be completed. This is available for download here or from the office.

First visit – Nurse

The first visit is with our practice nurse. You should attend this visit FASTING for 14 hours and bring along a sample of urine.

The nurse will take your fasting blood tests, check your urine sample and take important measurements such as your weight, height and blood pressure.

You may also have the following tests completed

  • ECG (heart tracing)

  • Spirometry (if you are a smoker or have a chest complaint)

  • Faecal Occult blood    (test for bowel cancer)

  • Prostate blood test (PSA) –  all patients requesting this test must read the following Prostate test information leaflet. It is provided to allow you to fully understand the potential consequences of a raised test result.

The nurse will also review your questionnaire and highlight any specific health concerns that you may have in preparation for your review appointment.

Second Visit – Doctor

You will subsequently attend for a second (review) visit with the doctor at least one week later for completion of your health assessment.

At this appointment a physical examination will be undertaken including examination of your heart, chest, abdomen and where relevant a prostate examination. If you are worried about having a prostate exam this factsheet may be of help to you. Digital rectal exam explanation

The results of your measurements and investigations taken with the nurse will be reviewed and you will have the opportunity to discuss with the doctor any relevant health or lifestyle issues which have been identified and plan any required treatment.

We are also running a nurse led Lifestyle Clinic for those requiring a briefer assessment of  health and lifestyle issues or for the provision of education around these topics

Should you have any further questions or feel that you or a loved one would benefit from our clinic, please do not hesitate to ask our administration staff.

Please see our Useful links section for further information you may find helpful or download the following forms:

Men’s health Assessment leaflet

Men’s Health Questionnaire

Having your prostate checked – a guide for men