We are delighted to continue our roll-out of the Covid 19 vaccination programme. Great progress has been made and we thank our patients for the enthusiastic uptake of these vaccines to protect against Covid 19.

We continue to take advice from the HSE regarding Covid 19 vaccination Booster campaign, as per the Government priority list, which is available here: Covid 19 vaccination allocation 

  •  We continue to receive vaccination supply and will hold Covid 19 and Flu vaccination clinics during the autumn/winter.
  • We have completed booster vaccinations for our patients >80 years and are running clinics for those >70 years at present.
  • If you are above the age of 16 and have still not received a Covid 19 vaccine or registered through the HSE portal please contact the surgery to register interest for these clinics. As Covid 19 numbers continue to rise in the community vaccination continues to have a key role in maintaining our populations health and controlling pressure on our health services.
  • Younger patients age 12-15 can continue to avail of vaccinations in HSE vaccinations by applying online or through walk in vaccination centres where available. The link to the website where you can register is here
  • Patients age between 60-70 years will receive a booster vaccine (Pfiezer/Moderna) via HSE vaccination centres.
  • Please consider phoning at off peak times as the office remains very busy as we continue to provide routine health care for our community



In the meantime we are offering in person appointments and we also continue to offer phone / video consultations to try to maintain footfall in the surgery as low as possible for the safety of everyone.
If you are due your smear test please book it as we continue to offer this service.
We still aim to keep all face to face consultations as brief as possible to reduce any risk of transmission of the newer, more highly contagious Covid strains.

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE SURGERY IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID 19. As well as cough / fever and shortness of breath/ changes taste or smell the Delta strain has been noted to present as head cold / hayfever like symptoms, headache and sore throat. You must consult by phone initially if you or your child has any of these symptoms.

Once again thank you all for your understanding and support over the past 16 months.

Please check back on our website blog or Facebook regularly for updates.

Please do not contact the surgery in relation to EU DIGITAL COVID CERIFICATIONS as this information is being provided to citizens directly from government only.