The Nobber Medical Practice has, at its core, a strong focus on Medical Education, Teaching and Research.


We are a post graduate training centre for General Practice Medicine affiliated to the TCD/HSE Specialist Training Scheme in General Practice. 

Each year we welcome a Registrar, completing their specialist training in General Practice, to our team under the tuition of trainer Dr Catherine Wann. This involves doctors who are fully qualified and who have spent a number of years in post-graduate training for general practice, gaining experience in the hospital system, then rotating for one of their two years general practice experience in our practice.

This long commitment to medical education, initially under the tutelage of Dr Martin White has seen 30 Registrars spend a year with the practice since 1987 including longstanding team members Dr Wann, Dr Dodson and most recently Dr Fallon who all enjoyed their experience in The Nobber Medical Practice so much that it has become their permanent home!

We would like to thank all the patients who welcome our GP registrar each July and participate in the vital role of their training.

Since 2022 we have embarked on an exciting new partnership with Trinity College Dublin’s under graduate medical training.  We will periodically welcome final year medical students, for two week placements in the practice, to learn about the complex community care for acute and chronic disease that we provide our patients. We try to integrate them into the day to day running of the practice to maximise this learning experience. We are very thankful to you, our patients, in facilitating this vital medical education. Involvement of patients with medical education is of course always voluntary.


All of our clinical staff are committed to the highest level of personal Continued Medical Education  (CME). This is supported as  a team in the practice as well as an ongoing basis through external resources.

We seek to provide our patients with quality, reliable health information, knowledge and support – from antenatal and infant care through to support for chronic disease and mental health issues. You will find many trusted resources to explore on this website and your doctor or nurse can assist you further as needed. Read more…


 We aim to constantly improve our practice and maintain our standards in line with the best of evidence based medicine. We engage in audit and research which over the years has lead to peer reviewed publications and refinement of our services.

Since 2021 we are proud members of the Ireland East / UCD GP Research Network, a research group supporting high quality research based in Primary Care.

From time to time individuals may be invited to participate in teaching or medical research in the practice. Engagement is entirely discretionary. Any proposed research would be discussed in advance with potential participants and informed consent obtained. We greatly appreciate the support of our patients in these endeavours over the years.