We offer a wide range of investigations on site.

These tests can be carried out following consultation with the doctor for the investigation of acute illness, screening programmes or maintaining care of chronic disease.


24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

This is an essential tool in the diagnosis and management of high blood pressure

Blood Tests

Blood tests are available, by appointment, following consultation with the doctor or as part of one of the specific programmes of care listed below:

Chronic Care programmes – Heart Watch, Diabetes Watch

Screening programmes –    Men’s and women’s health check, lifestyle screening

Appointments are available each morning provided by our practice nurses.

Some investigations may require a 14 hour fast (you will have been advised if this is necessary in advance). If you are unsure please check with our administration staff prior to your appointment.

Please see our Costs section for further relevant information.


The electrocardiogram (ECG) is useful in the assessment of potential heart disease.


This is a measure of lung function and is useful in assessment of the health of the lung in smokers, asthmatics and patients with other chest conditions.