Hay fever season is upon us

It’s that time of year again. Itchy eyes? Streaming nose?  Read more…

If you suffer now is a good time for a check up with us to ensure prescriptions are up to date as the most effective hay fever treatments focus on prevention and alleviation of chronic symptoms through regular use of inflammation soothing medication.

Remember that there can be some overlap with symptoms that we generally associate with Hayfever and Covid 19 symptoms. Your GP will be able to help you differentiate so if you have any concerns please phone for a free Coronavirus telephone assessment or to organise testing if required.

Hay fever and asthma are closely linked and if you suffer from both it may be time for an asthma check with our nurse to insure that your treatment is optimised for the summer months.

We provide access to peak flow and asthma assessments in practice.

For further useful information please see www.asthma.ie or our Useful links.