IF YOU HAVE RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS- even just a head cold or sore throat or headache, it is still important to STAY HOME from work or school AND SEEK ADVICE initially.

While we have left the worst of the Pandemic behind us, Autumn and Winter bring their seasonal challenge of mostly viral illness.

Covid 19 and Influenza are expected to be active throughout the coming months as well as may other cold viruses.

It is still important not to spread respiratory illness in the community and if you or your family do need to be seen by a doctor please wear a mask if attending the surgery and consider waiting in your car until you appointment time.

Most symptoms of acute respiratory or gastrointestinal illness can be managed successfully at home and do not benefit from taking antibiotics. For lots of useful information on self care and minor illness please explore our website or Read More here

Vaccination for Influenza and Covid 19 boosters remain a vital part of our ability to reduce the burden of viral illness in the community and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

FOR UP TO DATE AND RELIABLE INFORMATION PLEASE SEE   HSE or HPSC websites or phone HSE helpline on 1850 24 1850 or see links below:

IF YOU HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH COVID 19 or any other contagious illness

Please follow public health advice on staying at home in order to protect those around you and in your community.

Rest assured that arrangements can be made for any patients diagnosed with Covid 19, who need to be further assessed in person, following phone consultation with the doctor.

Some older patients or those with chronic disease may require early intervention with anti viral medication to protect against severe infection with Covid 19 or Influenza.

Please seek advice if you feel this may apply to yourself or a family member.

If there is a change in your condition please contact us at 046 9052109 or Out of Hours: NEDOC 1850 777 911

In case of emergency please phone 999 or 112. Have your Eircode at hand.

HSELive Advice Phone Number: 1850 24 1850

HSE Covid-19 homepage

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